HERE are the latest announcements from our community news correspondent Kathryn Smith Pipers for Burton in Kendal.

The parish council held a minute's silence at the start of the April parish council meeting to express condolence to Her Majesty the Queen on the death of The Duke of Edinburgh.

The chairman announced that there would be no election in May for the parish council as there had been no applications to stand for election.

Cllr Jane Hopwood did not wish to continue on the council, but all other current members would continue to serve.

Other announcements included the receipt of a letter from some younger parishioners and the lack of notice to the village about the proposed road closure commencing 19th Apr. More details would be sought.

The one planning application for Morewood Drive received a response of 'no comment'.

Cllr Nolan would continue researching the possibility of reviving a market in The Square.

The procedure to do this would have to be investigated with SLDC and residents would also need to be consulted.

An initial survey of street lighting revealed confusion over both the number of lights and ownership thereof.

A physical check would be done by Cllrs Wren and Rogers.

In discussion about the proposed reorganisation of local government, the council were not in favour of the Morecambe Bay option and would prefer the East/West split.

The council also decided not to go ahead with a dedicated parish council Social Media account.

A review of Outstanding Actions noted that a list of all the problems with the drainage system and conservation programme had still not been obtained.

This would again be sought.

Otherwise, all other issued were being progressed, with some urgency needed over the replacement of the height barrier at Plain Quarry.

The next parish council meeting on 20th May at 7.15pm would be held in the Memorial Hall.