An animal rescue centre could be knocked down to pave the way for the 'next generation of builders' to be trained.

Kendal Town Council's planning committee met to consider plans to demolish and reconstruct part of Kendal College, currently used by the community and the RSPCA as a full-time animal rescue centre.

The council heard that the college, on Milnthorpe Road, had applied to South Lakeland District Council to demolish the existing animal rescue centre and construct two new buildings for the teaching of engineering.

The college has stressed that the rescue centre services will instead move into the main building rather than being lost.

Councillor Jonathon Cornthwaite, who represents Mintsfeet, was in favour of the plans but concerned for where the animals would move to.

Councillor Chris Rowley, who represents Strickland, was also in favour.

He said: “They will train the next generation of builders in this building.”

Councillor Patricia Gibson, who represents Fell ward, was concerned over more construction at the school.

She said: “The further education sector spent a lot of money on the last build there, so doing this now may have to be done as cheaply as possible.”

Speaking after the meeting, Kelvin Nash, headmaster of Kendal Collage, said he was looking forward to the changes and stressed that the animals would have a new base to go to.

He added: “The new construction will be part of the new T Level qualifications that we are offering to students.

“The new construction starts across the summer holidays, with the animal care and rescue centre moving into the main college building.

“The animal rescue centre houses full-time FE students, as well as higher education students, and we have our own animals as part of our on-site learning.

“The RSPCA and the general public who find animals on the roadside needing help can still bring them in as there will be a full-time vet working there.

“In the past, we have had animals ranging from hedgehogs to seals being treated.

“The relocated will start in May this year into the main college building when the old rescue centre finally comes down.”