A KENDAL grandma was delighted to receive a birthday card from the Queen after turning one-hundred.

Winifred Edgar reached triple figures on Thursday 22 April and celebrated her birthday with a small, Covid-safe party with her family.

Winifred’s granddaughter, Mandy Nicholson, revealed the party at Westmorland Court was a very special occasion for the family.

“It’s been a really hard year as we haven’t been able to see her because of Covid,” she began.

“We’ve only just been allowed to see her in the care home and even that’s through a glass., so it was amazing to be able to have a birthday party.

“We were allowed six people for her outside and had a lovely, wonderful party.

“She just thoroughly enjoyed the whole two hours – I don’t know where the time went as it was absolutely lovely.

“She had so many cards and flowers.

“And of course she got her card from the Queen which is what she absolutely wanted and is so proud of.”

When she opened the Queen’s card, Winifred could not stop smiling and held onto it all afternoon, Mandy said.

A keen royalist and Roman Catholic, Winifred grew up in Kendal and attended Dean Gibson Catholic Primary School before attending a boarding school named Holywell.

She worked at Longpool Post Office, before running her own shop on Shap Road, with the premises now occupied by Harry’s Pantry.

Winifred later worked at Provincial Insurance, where her husband George Edgar was the head caretaker, meaning that the two lived in a flat inside the building.

George and Winifred had three children together, Christine, Stephen and James.

Away from work, Winifred has spent her time gardening, sewing and is also a big fan of scrabble, where she would play every Tuesday at Sandylands Methodist Church.

At the age of 60, Winifred finally passed her driving test.

With her grandma now one-hundred, Mandy says Winifred, also known as ‘Winnie waste not’, remains as funny as ever and is an inspiration to all.

She said: “It’s amazing that she has reached one-hundred, she always wanted to get to it.

“I know she is my nan, but she is an amazing person.

“She is just a comedian through and through and just loves life.

“She is a truly inspirational woman at one-hundred and loves to have a laugh.”