Cumbria Trading Standards are making residents aware of a postal scam that is now circulating.

A postal scam using fraudulent Chartered Trading Standards Institute branding is targetting the public.

CTSI has been made aware of a postal scam mimicking the institute, which informs the victim that they have been exposed to a company that CTSI has allegedly investigated.

The letter, which is covered in CTSI branding informs the recipient that insurance scammers have been caught and that the recipient should fill in a "creditors debt form" as part of a bogus compensation scheme. Filling out the form puts the finances of the respondent at risk.

The scam is currently being investigated.

These letters are entirely fraudulent. If you receive this insurance scam letter, please report it to the Financial Conduct Authority and for general help and advice, contact the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline. The public should be aware that this scam may not only be sent via post but also through email.