Our choice of programmes to watch this week.

On Demand: Secrets of the Krays (BritBox, from Thu)

The streaming service’s first original factual commission offers an in-depth profile of arguably the most notorious criminals in British history, Ronnie and Reggie Kray. Here, relatives of the twins, as well as family friends, their lawyers, police officers and photographer David Bailey, discuss their memories of the duo.

Saturday: Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow - Celebrity Special (ITV, 7.30pm)

You can’t beat a bit of Bully! Alan hosts an all-star special of Bullseye, the darts-themed game show, where three teams of celebrities and professional darts players will be answering questions and throwing arrows in the hope of getting through to the Epic Endgame and winning £30,000 for their chosen charity.

Sunday: Fargo (C4, 10pm)

Expectations are high for this fourth instalment, which unfolds in Kansas City in 1950 and sees two crime syndicates vying for control. This time around, the cast is led by Chris Rock as a crime boss who has come up with an intriguing business idea, with support from Ben Whishaw and rising star Jessie Buckley.

Monday: Inside No 9 (BBC2, 9.30pm)

Can Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith really pull off another wildly inventive series to match its predecessors? If the calibre of guest stars is anything to go by, the answer seems to be ‘yes’. Among those popping up over the next few weeks are Gemma Whelan, Lindsay Duncan, Adrian Dunbar and Sian Clifford, while Derek Jacobi stars in the opening episode about planning of a heist.

Tuesday: Hospital (BBC2, 9pm)

Documentary series returns to tell the story of these unprecedented times, with the pandemic laving nearly five million people waiting for treatment in England alone. This first episode captures a pivotal moment at University Hospitals Coventry, which delivered the world’s first Covid vaccine outside of a trial, as it fights to restore services.

Wednesday: Danny Boy (BBC2, 9pm)

Anthony Boyle and Toby Jones star in a hard-hitting feature-length drama based on a true story. Boyle plays Brian Wood, a decorated soldier declared a hero on his return from Iraq before being accused of war crimes by human rights lawyer Phil Shiner (Jones).

Thursday: Coroner (More4, 9pm)

When Jenny is called to a luxury condo to investigate the death of a cannabis mogul, she enters an alternate world where nothing is as it seems. As she and Detective McAvoy get closer to the truth, Jenny’s life is put in imminent danger.

Friday: Tom Allen’s Quizness (C4, 8pm)

Tom's new series sees contestants having their general knowledge put to the test. But the more answers our quizzers know, the dafter they have to look to prove it.