In a weekly diary bosses at South Lakes Safari Zoo reveals their hopes and aspirations for the attraction.

LAST week we had our licence hearing with a view to renewing the licence for Cumbria zoo company to operate a zoo - and the committee was unanimous in its decision to grant us that licence for another six years.

Cock a hoop doesn’t begin to describe how we feel. Now, to many established zoos, celebrating getting your licence renewed may seem odd.

However, for little old Cumbria Zoo Company, which has been in existence for just four years, every inspection is a milestone.

So we are going to shout about it.

So, what do the next six years look like for Cumbria Zoo Company Limited.

It’s safe to say the team here has very big goals so watch this space.

But for now we are focussed on making what we have even more amazing and making sure our residents have not only everything they need, but everything they could possibly want.

We know there is still work to do.

So we plough on: Our work has already begun on our new Australia area, our contractors are scheduled to commence the bear house renovations imminently, our asphalt contractors will be returning to site to tart up some more pathways and our electrical contractor will be continuing to do what electrical contractors do.

It’s all very exciting and we cannot thank each and every supporter, visitor, member, adopter, food sponsor, fundraiser and social media follower enough.

We would also like to thank Barrow Borough Council, the committee members and the qualified zoo inspectors for continuing to believe in these little fish.

And finally the biggest of thanks to our legal representatives.