TWO Kendal Butchers have marked the anniversary of their 25-year partnership in the trade.

Lee Woollard, 55, and Martin Watson, 59, have been in business together as butchers since April 29, 1995.

Owning and operating the Kendal Watson & Woollard Butchers, the pair have created a successful and popular business which has been praised by the community.

Lee, who is from Cambridge, said: "It's almost like being in a marriage.

"It's been a good career. It's had its ups and downs for us but we've always worked together and been through so much in the industry.

"Partners in crime.

"We worked together beforehand and worked in a shop in Lancaster before we bought this place.

"Nearly 30 years we've worked together, and 25 years in partnership.

"Our boss at the time, Mr Greenwood had the shop, we discussed the idea together and went into it as partners.

"We've had some very successful years, some hard times and a lot of memories.

TRADER: Watson & Woollard Butchers located in Kendal

TRADER: Watson & Woollard Butchers located in Kendal

"There was swine flu, bird flu, foot and mouth disease. Storm Desmond was a big one as well, didn't help things when the town flooded.

"There were other things that came up. The town had some issued with parking for example, its little things that happen locally that effect the business."

Martin, who is from Kendal, said: "Over twenty-five-years, as we've been in Kendal there have been many changes.

"We’re in a good little bubble here, and we're generally a traditional butchers service.

"We keep it simple. We don't try to be anything we're not. We think, let supermarkets do the supermarket scene while we do our thing.

"The first lockdown was ok, but then when shops reopened and then closed again things went very quiet.

"Christmas this year was a bit of a tricky one as everywhere had to shut for New Year's Eve, but thankfully we got the chance to supply some places.

"We've not been back to normal yet as it went quiet after the Easter lockdown. Hopefully, things will ease up and when cafes and pubs open up again it might help things along.

"To mark the day of celebration, we just worked.

"Just a normal day for us, work needed doing, people needed serving.

"We plan to celebrate later when the pubs reopen and we can mark the occasion properly.

"We want to thank all our customers, regulars and non-regulars for all the support."