A RECENT study has revealed that you are more likely to get a place in a pub in South Lakeland as it is said to have the second most pubs per people by local authority in the UK.

The study from money.co.uk analysed government data to discover which areas of the country have the largest and fewest number of people for every pub in that area to reveal South Lakeland has the 2nd most pubs to people in the UK, with only 751 people to every pub in the area.

In the UK there are around 47,000 pubs to serve the 66 million people living in the United Kingdom. That’s approximately 1000 pubs per 1.4 million people.

Naturally the number of pubs and people fluctuates across the UK, so which towns and regions have the most pubs per people? This is what prompted the research which is good news for pub-goers in south Cumbria.