A YOUTH club in Kendal has revealed its long-awaited first meeting dates amid the news that a charity is to withdraw a separate service.

Kendal Youth Zone has pencilled-in three outdoor events in July as it looks to finally get off the ground after being delayed by the pandemic.

It comes after the announcement by Leonard Cheshire that the YouthAbility project - a youth club for disabled people aged eight and above - was being discontinued in Kendal.

Town councillor Adam Edwards, who is heading the Youth Zone project and is chairman of Sandylands Residents' Association, said: "I think it's brought home the fact that we have actually been relying heavily on charities to look after our kids."

He said he had been approached by major charities such as Barnardos regarding the Youth Zone.

"The Kendal Youth Zone hasn't actually been able to do anything because of the pandemic.

"It's very unusual for such big charities to get in touch with me just because of the Facebook page.

"They were getting in touch because they wanted to help.

"They wanted to see what services they could offer to help us.

"It's clear that there's a need for youth provisions in the South Lakes and, majorly, Kendal."

Cllr Edwards described seeing an increase in 'the involvement of youths' in police reports.

"They haven't had anything else to do so they have been creating their own fun," he said.

A spokesman for Leonard Cheshire confirmed the charity's YouthAbility service was being withdrawn in Kendal. It has been largely closed since the beginning of the pandemic.

The spokesman attributed this to 'longer-term funding issues' and a drop in demand.

"Those who previously attended YouthAbility will be contacted directly to discuss their interests," he said.

"We will then endeavour to match them to local activities through our ongoing inclusive community work.”

The plan for Kendal Youth Zone, currently aimed at 10 to 18 year olds and free to attend, is that it will travel to different locations, taking equipment and activities with it.

The events in July will be a chance to use DJ equipment purchased thanks to outside funding.

The details are:

•Saturday, July 17 at Sandylands Park, 7.30pm

•Saturday, July 24 at Abbott Hall Park, 7.30pm

•Saturday, July 31 at Kendal Skatepark, 2pm

Visit 'Kendal Youth Zone' on Facebook for more.