A TWO-DECADE running record was broken during the Fairfield Horse Shoe Fell run on Saturday.

Jacob Adkin completed the nine-mile run, which includes heights of 3000ft, in one hour, 14 minutes and 45 seconds.

This beat the previous record which was set for the route 21 years ago by Mark Roberts in 2000.

Mark’s record was one hour 15 minutes and 11 seconds.

The category A medium fell race took place on May 22 and saw 219 runners complete the course.

Race organiser Jon Deegan said: “It’s an incredible achievement from Jacob as this is one of the oldest races in the county, dating back to the 1960s.

“It was ideal running conditions compared with the rain on Friday, but that did leave a lot of mud under foot which made it challenging.

“Jacob is part of Keswick AC and he is also a European Mountain champion as well.

“It’s an incredible record, that it took a European Champion to break it.”

In second place was Brennan Townshend with a time of one hour, 19 minutes and 47 seconds.

Third place was taken by Joe Baxter who conquered the route in one hour, 21 minutes and one second.

Sarah McCormack was the first lady to cross the line, and 28th overall, with a time of one hour, 33 minutes and 35 seconds, followed by Hatti Archer at one hour, 35 minutes and 47 seconds, and Shannon Taylor at one hour, 35 minutes and 50 seconds.