A RESTAURANT and a bar have had to temporarily close after a number of staff tested positive for coronavirus and others have had to self-isolate.

In a statement yesterday (July 16) Baha, Bowness, announced it would have to temporarily close with immediate effect until July 23.

The Fizzy Tarte, also in Bowness and owned by Hargreaves Enterprises, has had to temporarily close too from today (Jul 17) until July 23 due to staff isolating.

In a video statement chief executive of Hargreaves Enterprises, Stephen Hargreaves, said: “This is a really important announcement and one I certainly don’t want to make.

“Due to positive cases and people having to self-isolate we have got no choice other than to close Baha as from today.

“We have over a thousand bookings over the next seven days that we are going to have to lose.

“I don’t know how to say it but we are in a crisis situation.

“This time in 2019 we would have 22 staff serving our customers on a Friday and Saturday night-today I have five.

“So simply not enough to open the doors.”

In a statement added to the video the Baha team said the announcement had already received ‘a lot of negative feedback’ on Facebook and reminded people to be understanding.

The statement said: "The BAHA team realise that for people who are coming into the area and booked to visit us, this will not be welcome news.

"However, we must protect our staff, their physical and mental well-being, and additionally, your safety is paramount. Equally, we want to maintain a level of experience and customer service that reflects what BAHA is about.

"None of the above is possible if we remain open currently, and this is primarily owing to track and trace systems alerting us to staff being contacted within the last 24 hours.

“All we can ask is that despite the frustration this may cause you, you show understanding that we are trying our best by our staff and by you as a customer.

“We’ve already received a lot of negative feedback and reviews on Facebook by those who don’t seem to grasp the situation we are in as a business or the current world that we now operate in for the foreseeable future.

“Alas! A decision such as this is not an easy one and we fully understand the impact this will cause, but we have a duty of care to our staff and all those who we welcome into our venues, and this must come first.

"However, be assured these measures will likely only be temporary and as we have said above, we aim to reopen on the 23rd of July. We intend to honour the bookings we have from that date onwards

“We look forward to reopening and please remember...BeKind to one another.

“The BAHA team.”