PARKRUN will return to Ulverston this Saturday after a new route was sketched-out amid uncertainty over the path runners would take.

The free, weekly 5k runs that take place in parks and open spaces will be back across the country following the relaxation of Covid restrictions earlier this week.

"For us, it's not just about the running," said Helen Rann, co-events director for Ford parkrun in Ulverston.

"It's more about the sense of community.

"There's so many people that I have missed seeing, so many people that we see every week and they see us and we know them by name.

"It really is a proper community event."

The return of parkrun to Ulverston this Saturday was only confirmed yesterday following issues with securing a route.

Miss Rann said Ladies Walk - along which the old route travelled - had degraded.

Organisers of the Ford Park event have therefore been seeking permission from Parkrun bosses to follow a different route out of the wheelchair gate near the hospice at the top of the park.

However, said Miss Rann, a stretch of the desired route along Ford Park Crescent was proving to be a stumbling block.

However, an alternative route - entirely within Ford Park - has now been decided upon.

The beginning of the route will be the drive in the middle of the park at 9am. Runners will be seeded according to speed.

Visit 'Ford parkrun' on Facebook for more information, including about volunteering.