FIREFIGHTERS have shared their frustration after they found an armchair abandoned in a river.

Bentham fire station issued a statement yesterday (July 20) calling for more respect for the ‘stunning’ area after they discovered the armchair and branded the incident ‘mindless’.

Crew members have volunteered to remove the item of furniture in their own time outside of work.

A spokesman from Bentham fire station said online: “Look after your surroundings.

“We're very fortunate to live in such a stunning area. The last thing it needs is people abusing it with mindless actions such as throwing an armchair into the river.

“Bentham crew have volunteered their private time to go and fish it from the river. Riverside Caravan Park & Holiday Cottages have kindly offered to dispose of the chair for us.

“Local reports suggest this was a group of children yesterday evening. Do you know where and what your children are up to?

“Perhaps a word in their ears regarding respect wouldn't go a miss.”