A JOURNALIST and PR consultant in Kirkby Lonsdale has become a published author after gaining a two-book deal for her romantic comedy novels.

Danielle Owen Jones, 30, who has lived in the town for the last seven years working as a PR consultant, has signed a book deal with the publisher Bookouture, a division of Hachette.

SUCCESS: Danielle Owen Jones from Kirkby Lonsdale (Russell Colman)

SUCCESS: Danielle Owen Jones from Kirkby Lonsdale (Russell Colman)

Her debut book will be published next spring.

She began her novel nine years earlier as described the deal as a ‘dream come true’. Her talents have been recognised and praised by many in her community.

The publisher acquired the world all language and film and TV rights from literary agent and co-founder of The Liverpool Literary Agency, Clare Coombes

Danielle said: “My debut novel is a fish-out-of-water romantic comedy, set in Liverpool, in which protagonist Arabella ‘goes from Prada to nada’ when her family’s soup empire goes bust, and she finds herself working in a soup kitchen. I can’t reveal too much about book two yet, but I can say it’s another uplifting romantic comedy with a fabulous northern setting.

“I grew up in Southport but moved to Kirkby Lonsdale six years ago. My husband and I love living and working in Cumbria. It’s a fabulous place to call home. I’m passionate about the north, and both of my romantic comedies have gorgeous northern settings. The city of Liverpool is at the heart and soul of my debut novel – you can’t beat Scouse wit and warmth, and it’s a place close to my heart as my family are all proud Scousers.

BOOK: Danielles books will be published next April and the following summer (Russell Colman)

BOOK: Danielle's books will be published next April and the following summer (Russell Colman)

“I followed in my mum’s footsteps, as she worked in journalism and PR too. I’ve always loved books, but being an author felt like a bit of a pipe dream because I knew how competitive it was to find an agent and a publisher (in traditional publishing).

“My inspiration stems from telling stories that I hope will offer people a bit of escapism from ordinary life and hopefully make them smile.

“Writing works well with my job as a PR consultancy (Bloomin’ Creative) as that’s quite writing-focused, with it being primarily public relations, copywriting, and marketing support for small businesses. The freedom of being a freelancer helps too. I write my books whenever I can – sometimes that’s at weekends, at night or in the morning. But I love it, so I don’t mind at all.

“I know it might sound cheesy, but this book deal is a dream come true.

“Even with all the belief and positive thinking, publishing is such a tough and competitive industry that naturally, there are days when you’re counting your rejections and wondering if it’s ever going to happen for you, but you have to dust yourself off and persevere. I’m currently writing my second book and also have a couple of works in progress.”

"Thoughts on publishers/personal life help and support: I feel incredibly lucky to have amazing, unwavering support from my family and friends.

DEBUT: Danielle, a former journalist, now published author

DEBUT: Danielle, a former journalist, now published author

"They’ve been there for me every step of the way (and have probably had more faith in me than I’ve had in myself, sometimes!) I’m very grateful for my literary agent, Clare Coombes, and her expertise, guidance and for taking a chance on me as a debut author!

"To anyone reading this who wishes to be a writer I say don’t give up.

"Every author experiences rejection – think of every ‘thanks but no thanks’ response as earning your author stripes (Google famous author rejection stories, and you’ll see how many that your favourite authors clocked up!) And read widely – immerse yourself in your chosen genre, but you can always learn lessons from other genres too."

Commissioning editor at Bookouture, Emily Gowers, said: “I asked the universe for something to fill the Schitt’s Creek-sized hole in my life, and Danielle delivered! This book had me doubled over with laughter, and left me wishing Bella was real so that we could be friends. The next best thing though is to introduce her – and Danielle’s writing – to the world, and I feel so lucky to be doing this!”

Literary agent, Clare Coombes, said: “From the first read, I knew this book was special. There was a lot of interest but I'm so happy we've found the perfect home for it at Bookouture. Danielle has such an amazing writing style and comic timing. Readers are going to love Arabella's journey of self-discovery (and the world of soup, which is such a hilarious and unique framing for this whole story).

"For our first women's fiction signing and book deal in this genre to be set in Liverpool (and the first rom-com we know of based in the Toxteth part of the city), is just incredible and we're so proud of Danielle."

AUTHOR: Danielle has achieved a book deal for her stories (Russell Colman)

AUTHOR: Danielle has achieved a book deal for her stories (Russell Colman)