A COUNCILLOR has said a ‘problematic’ road may have to be looked at again after a man in his 70’s died at the scene of a road traffic collision.

Police are appealing for witnesses after the 76-year-old-who had been driving a grey Audi TT- died following the crash at around 4pm in Dalton Lane, Burton-in-Kendal on July 20.

Cumbria County Councillor, Roger Bingham, who is also South Lakeland District councillor for Burton and Crooklands, said that concerns had been raised about the ‘difficult’ road before.

“It can be a difficult road, people have expressed fears about it before, because it has no pavement,” he said.

“It is a road that needs careful driving and we’ve had some trouble with the white lines, some say they should be in the middle of the road and some not for safety reasons-it’s a complicated area.”

The councillor said that there had been ‘near misses’ on the road, but that this was the first fatality he had heard of in his 40 years representing the area.

“There have been some concerns raised of people getting injured, it is a very narrow road,” he said.

“But this is the first very serious incident I’ve heard of.

“There’s been lots of near misses.

“And it’s also a road very popular with pedestrians, people walking dogs, so that’s a potential issue.

“But there’s been nothing fatal.”

Cllr Bingham said the road had been looked at by Highways before, but that the tragic incident meant another review may be needed.

“It has been looked at many times and there have been various solutions put forward, but we may have to have a deeper look,” he said.

“This sad incident may create an impetus to look more.”

If anyone has information about the collision reports can be made online at cumbria.police.uk/reportit, with incident number 159 of July 20, 2021, being quoted.

Alternatively, call 101 and ask to speak to PS 2378 Johnson or PC 2291 Wilson.