THE UK Government has announced a new major investment to improve flood defences across the Country.

Plans published today outlines how the Goverment will be spending the £5.2 billion investment and how it aims to stop thousands more homes and lives being affected by flooding.

Around £860 million will be spent within the next year improving current designs and constructions of more than 1000 schemes across England. 

The funding will be accompanied by a consultation which will take place later int he Autumn and the Government has said they will look how to 'better protect' frequantly flooded communities.Environment Secretery George Eustice, said: "The tragic events in Germany and Belgium serve as a sobering reminder of how devistating floodng can be.

"We are standing by communities to bolster defences against flooding across England with many thousands of more properties better protected by 2027." 

£53 million will be allocated to the North West which was badly hit by storm Christopher this winter.

Emma Howard Boyd, Chair of the Environment Agency, said: "We have seen some devastating flooding around the world this summer. No one can prevent flooding and climate change means the risk is increasing, but we can reduce the risk. 

"Having completed the government’s previous six year capital programme on time and on budget, better protecting more than 314,000 homes from flooding and coastal erosion, this year we began the government’s new £5.2 billion flood programme."

The Government has announced it will bring in tighter guidance for planning authorities as part of its package to better protect frequantly flooded communities.