WHEN Parliament reconvenes on Wednesday an MP will campaign for vets stuck in Afghanistan.

Trudy Harrison, MP for Copeland, is hoping to speak in the debate and will champion the cause of Nowzad, a charity which works with vets in Afghanistan to help stray and ex-working animals there.

Pen Farthing, an ex Royal Marine, set up the charity after serving in Afghanistan, working with Afghan vets who may now be in trouble as they co-operated with a British organisation.

Trudy Harrison, MP for Copeland, said: "I will be returning for the Parliamentary debate but have been in close contact with the Ministry of Defence and FCDO - Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office - throughout.

"Over the weekend a number of constituents contacted me by phone and email, raising concerns about the former Royal-Marine-founded animal charity, Nowzad. Specifically, the safety of their 25 Afghanistan male and female vets and veterinary nurses. I share their fears and have been working throughout the weekend with Pen Farthing - who runs the charity - to try to secure a safe passage to the UK."

David Hill, trustee of Nowzad, said: "They are all in a safe place but it's a forever changing situation.  We are confident one minute, worried the next.  All we know is we will not leave anyone behind.

"We have a great bunch of supporters and the reaction from people has been unbelievable.  We are a small organisation but people have been offering everything.

"There's someone who’s offered all our vets employment and lots saying they'll help house them when they're here.

“With the offers we’ve had, I reckon we could house half of Afghanistan."

The charity are looking to raise £200,000 to get the vets to safety, as well as look after them until they find shelter and employment in the UK.

Ms Harrison continued: "Early this morning I spoke with those in Kabul on the phone and heard first hand the sheer chaos and fear amongst local people. Thousands upon thousands have attempted to leave from Kabul airport but the Taliban insist only those with letters will be permitted to exit the country.

"I have of course urged the FCDO to include these staff members and their immediate families on the relocation policy but securing sufficient airlifts for all those eligible will be impossible without international assistance.

"The PM and MoD has called for UN and NATO allies to step up which I support 100%. This should not be the UK operating in isolation; we need massive international collaboration here."