Check out what's is ahead in the soaps this week.

EastEnders (BBC1): Gray’s finances are looking rocky when he’s sacked, just as Chelsea has racked up a big bill on his credit card. However, it’s the Carters who get caught up in his anger when he tells Shirley that he thinks he spotted Tina on a bus.

So, when Phil returns home from visiting Louise, he’s immediately confronted by Shirley, who tells him to clear Tina’s name and hand himself into the police over his attack on Ian.

Zack is also troubled his conscience when Nancy suggests they go into business together, but he struggles to turn down her offer. However, Mick takes a more decisive approach when he finds out – he punches Zack and tells Frankie they have to come clean about the accident.

Sheree takes matters into her own hands when a newly discharged Isaac refuses to go to Trinidad, Suki and Honey head to the Pride of Walford awards, and Kat tells Tommy that she can’t take Scarlett in.

Emmerdale (ITV): Faith has a worrying encounter with an incoherent Tracy but keeps quiet about her concerns. However, she can’t ignore her fears when Nate later reveals that Tracy has gone missing after lying about spending the night at Priya’s. Faith has a hunch about where Tracy might have gone, but can she convince the struggling mum to get the help she needs?

Meena lets herself into Victoria’s house and seems ready to bash her ‘love rival’ with a paperweight when her phone buzzes, alerting her potential victim that someone is there. As Victoria rushes out, threatening to call the police, Meena sneaks out of the back door.

Later, Meena seems more interested in keeping an eye on David and Vic than supporting Manpreet when Aiesha is taken to hospital in Ibiza. David tries to convince his girlfriend to be there for her sister, but will he have some even more pressing questions when Victoria’s paperweight falls out of Meena’s bag?

Coronation Street (ITV): The week begins with two heartrending episodes in which Nina remembers in detail what happened on the night Seb died. She tells the police what she knows, which leaves Corey’s lawyer Sabeen feeling very worried.

However, she’s determined to secure her client’s release, by fair means or foul; her cross-examination of Nina proves to be controversial, prompting Imran to hit back with a dirty trick of his own that leaves poor Asha heartbroken.

When he eventually takes to the stand, Corey lies through his teeth, claiming Kelly was the killer and he was nothing but a terrified victim of her rage. Abi is so incensed, she takes matters into her own hands.

Meanwhile, Curtis is rushed to hospital after collapsing, and Emma has news that may give him a fresh perspective on life. Alina organises a trip to Romania so that Tyrone can meet her parents, but he feels he can’t leave Hope after she begins opening up about why she started the fire.

Hollyoaks (C4): Tony is struggling to keep The Hutch afloat, but Luke has a couple of ideas to get the place back on track. First, he throws his energy into a pizza day, but when that makes a loss, he suggests staging a robbery for the insurance money - and Tony reluctantly agrees.

Meanwhile, Zara brings her aunt Lydia (played by Casualty veteran Catherine Shipton) to talk to Cindy about Luke’s condition. When Lydia says his behaviour reminds her of her husband in the months before he died, will it put a new slant on Luke’s impulsive actions?

Cleo feels guilty about Walter, but Joel encourages her to keep quiet, not least because he seems to like the fact that they have a shared secret. However, a misunderstanding leads to one of their other secrets getting out.

Shaq breaks up with Theresa as he gets closer to Verity, and there’s even more drama for the Maaliks when there’s a shock revelation - and Shaq’s dad Ali returns, just as Misbah is attending to an injured Marnie.

There’s bad news for Cher, and Mercedes puts on a brave face.

Home and Away (C5): Martha reads Kieran’s letter but chooses to keep her true feelings from Roo, while a show of support from Jasmine ends in an awkward, misinterpreted embrace with Kieran. Matters are made worse when one of her seizures almost lands him in hot water.

Elsewhere, Bella has a run-in with Ryder and Chloe, but is oblivious to the fact Emmet will be walking out of her life too, after accepting a job offer in New York.

Neighbours (C5): David slides toward rock bottom but both he and Aaron are blissfully unaware Paul is following a slender lead in the hunt for Nicolette. He eventually makes his way to Canberra, but it’s not long before he’s forced to play his trump card.

Back in Ramsay Street, Harlow makes a radical proposal regarding the Quill Group. While Terese is protective of Jesse as a furious Shay Quill tries to pin his company’s downfall on him, Chloe feels out of the loop.