A TOWN’S demands for an Italian restaurant have finally been met with the opening of its newest establishment.

James Brighurst has many years of experience in the hospitality industry and formerly ran Temptations Cafe in Appleby’s Bridge Street for seven years.

The 32-year-old took over the lease of the new restaurant, called Angelo’s Ristarante, which is across the road from his previous business, which he sold, in April.

“I ran the cafe for about seven years and it was really small with only five to six covers,” said Mr Brighurst.

“I outgrew it.

"I was limited by space and I wanted a new challenge.

“And speaking to customers time and time again the idea of an Italian restaurant kept coming up.

"It was in demand.”

The restaurant has 26 covers but also has the capacity to host more tables as and when needed.

Dishes on offer are all made in house.

“We’re trying to get a nice blend between authentic and traditional Italian and we make everything in house,” said Mr Brighurst.

And the first week of business has gone down a treat with residents and visitors.

“We did a couple of soft openings to try out the menu and get people’s feedback,” said Mr Brighurst.

“We were then closed on the Thursday to restock and then our opening on Friday was fully booked and it went really well.

“The feedback we got on the food and service was really good.

“I think it’s going to take a few weeks or months to get things off the ground but I have a really good feeling it’s all going to work out.

“A lot of people have said it’s really nice to see another restaurant in Appleby and an Italian restaurant has been really welcomed.”