AN out of this world exhibit in South Cumbria has come to an end.

Our Earth - 'Gaia' saw a replica of the Earth hung from the main hall of The Coro in Ulverston.

It followed on from last years popular exhibit, the Museum of the Moon.

A spokesman for The Coro said: "Thank you to everyone who came to see this majestic, magnificent piece of art and the events that have taken place under its gaze to celebrate and contemplate our beautiful planet."

A number of performances have taken place under the replica of the Earth, including local talents Anthony Hewitt and Jess Dandy.

The pair recently performed a bespoke set at the venue, which was the first time that live music had been performed at the entertainment venue in over a year.

The Coro spokesman said: "They have such awe-inspiring skill and talent, we were honoured to have them perform live music at The Coro for the first time in more than a year and a half!"

The awe-inspiring exhibit has proved thought provoking, with The Coro sharing some of the top observations and reflections that they had heard from those who visited the attraction.

They revealed that some visitors marvelled that "there is just so much water", whilst others were surprised to see that "the flat maps we're more familiar with don't accurately represent the scale of land mass like Africa and the Americas.

Others noted how "tiny" we are, how "very, very north" the UK is, and that the Earth is "beautiful".