AN actress is taking to the skies to raise money for a special charity in memory of her dad.

Thirty-year-old Sophie Craig from Barrow will be undertaking the skydive on Wednesday, September 22 to raise money for Headcase Cancer Trust.

Headcase raises money for research to find a cure for an incurable brain tumour, GBM (glioblastoma multiforme) which Sophie’s dad, Mark Craig sadly lost his battle to two years ago.

Sophie said: “I’m excited! I know once I get up there I will be bricking it, but I thought I’d try and raise some money.

“It’s just one of those bucket list things as well really but if I can raise money that will help someone, I’ll do it.

“My dad was petrified of flying and always very protective of me and my sisters so I’m not sure how he’d react.

“It’s the mentality of it really, if my dad can put up with what he went through this is nothing compared to what he and others with the illness are battling.”

Mark who was born and raised in Barrow was well known in the local football community as he was an ex-manager of Dalton United Football Club and Vickerstown Football Club.

Sophie said: “He was an absolutely incredible man.

“He was such a big part of the community that over 1,000 came to his funeral, my family and I were so overwhelmed with how many lives he had touched.

“He was very well known in the football community. He has so many lovely friends who are still supporting our family now.”

Sophie decided to raise money for cancer charity Headcase as its the only charity she knows of that are doing research in GBM and hopes to raise a lot of money to fund research and help other families.

“GBM is the most common but most aggressive brain cancer and all money raised for the charity goes into finding a cue.

“I unfortunately don’t know anybody who still has a loved one alive with GBM as there is no cure which is why it’s important we try and find one and hopefully contribute to all families.”

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