FIGHTS, assaults and drunk passengers led to officers patrolling the Furness Line over the weekend after a recent rise in antisocial behaviour.

British Transport Police officers were patrolling the Furness Line on Saturday night following a spike of antisocial behaviour occurring on the railway at the weekends.

Officers said the rise in incidents may have been attributed to the easing of lockdown restrictions - leading to the placement of more police officers on trains.

Police officers conducted a patrol on the Barrow to Lancaster train on Saturday evening as passengers were heading out for the evening.

A spokesman said the train was full of 'noisy drunk but mostly good-natured passengers'.

He said: "In response to a recent increase in antisocial behaviour on the Furness Line at weekends, following the easing of restrictions, we had officers on the trains.

"The first patrol was Barrow to Lancaster as people headed out for the evening.

"The calm before the storm. Officers were policing the trains between Lancaster and Barrow on Saturday night, with three travelling on the 21.03 hours departure.

"That was full of noisy, drunk, but mostly good-natured passengers, mixing with the families and shoppers aboard."

Officers escorted three services throughout the night and responded to a number of 'fights' onboard the Barrow to Lancaster line.

A BTP spokesman said Lancaster Police arrested one person for drunk and disorderly and Barrow Police arrested another person for assault.

A spokesman for British Transport Police said: "We’ll have the paperwork to do on those and be two hours late finishing but we’re still smiling."

Officers were then called to another disturbance and an allegation of assault which led to their third train patrol of the night.

Two officers travelled from Grange to Ulverston to maintain order and find out what had happened.

A spokesman for British Transport Police said enquiries are ongoing into the incident.