CONISTON Mountain rescue stretchered a woman down the mountain after she took a fall which left her unable to continue walking.

The team were alerted to the incident at 5.30pm on September 12.

A spokesman for CMRT said: "The day was calm and dry but cloudy, a couple were descending the fells near Goats Water when the female stumbled and heard a crack from her left ankle and could no longer weight bear.

"They contacted Cumbria Police who asked for our assistance.

"We immediately dispatched two Land Rovers which made their way up the Walna Scar Road and then on foot to scene, with more personnel following on in our third vehicle.

"The lady was assessed, given pain relief, splinted and then stretchered to our vehicles.

"We drove her back to our base where she was transferred to their own vehicle for her partner to take her to hospital for further treatment.

"16 members attended and the incident lasted two hours and 50 minutes."