KIRKBY Lonsdale Rugby Club went through a tough game against Rossendale but unforeseen events led to the game never reaching its conclusion.

Kirkby’s first home game of the season came after back to back defeats at Lymm & York they are still having to play seriously depleted and inexperienced sides, but a couple of important veterans David Cooper-Dunn and the newlywed Stu Sory returned after injury to add their experience and skills to help their younger team mates to make a promising start to the home game at Underley Park .

A lively & nicely coordinated attack took Kirkby well up field when Rossendale saw the danger but we’re penalised for an illegal move, Kirkby we’re caught napping resulting in the penalty was missed having to be taken off the ground without the use of a kicking tee.

As Rossendale's larger pack began to assert their authority and the home team struggled to get any meaningful possession the penalty count against Kirkby became a constant stream of points against the home team and the inevitable happened when the Captain David Cooper-Dunn was made an example of by Referee Martin Maughan earning a yellow card after which the weakened Kirkby side conceded two converted tries.

Kirkby’s young side maintained their commitment and showed occasional potential to make progress up field but were consistently out gunned up front ,with the Backs being denied clean ball from scrums and line outs .

With the score at 23-0 to the visitors and a minute before half time, the Referee went down with a serious looking leg injury, so half time was called then the game was abandoned needing to be re played again later in the season when hopefully Kirkby will be able to assemble a more competitive team blending skilful experience with existing youthful talent.