STUDENTS at Windermere's Lakes School took matters into their own hands and gave a new look to their sixth form area.

A team dubbed the Sixth Form Superheroes completed a redesign for their common area, including giving it a new coat of paint, new furniture and a new TV screen.

Done off their own back, the students formed the group after discussing their own ideas about what they would like to see in their own space.

The students came together and took on the project themselves, earning them praise from their teachers and peers.

Pupil Eleanor said: "We were all part of this and we all came up with our own ideas.

"This one really appealed to us all so we went for it."

Another member of the group, Dan said: "This idea was one I was really interested in going for. We only had to come in twice over the summer holidays and do the work.

"It took a few hours of a lot of cleaning and painting."

The group added: "We all did it because we enjoy it here and we enjoy the learning.

"We wanted a place where we could do what we wanted with.

"It's a great school and we wanted to own a part of it with our sixth form area.

"It's a nice place to be and study.

"We painted a feature wall with some nice colours which we all agreed to first.

"Everything we did was agreed on first by all of us.

"We put a route plan in for some furniture, which we'd like to add to in the future, maybe even a TV.

"We'll keep giving it a regular clean as not a lot of that happened in the past."

The students new revamped sixth form area was praised by the school's headteacher Andy Cunningham who said: "Both myself and the school are incredible proud of the efforts of our sixth formers."

The students also helped with the school's most recent open day that took place on Tuesday, and proudly showed off their new area.