INSULATE Britain have been all over the national news agenda in the past few weeks, and briefly the regional after two South Cumbria women were arrested as part of the M25 protests.

While they have stoked both anger and support across the country, a reader has written to explain why they are supporting the protests - and why you should too.

Robin Bailey said: "At the present time, there is a brave group of people who are trying to shame the government into helping to end fuel poverty in the UK, however the UK media is trying to portray these very same people as villains.

"This is shameful, as every new home should be built to standards that include efficient energy-saving insulation so that heat does not just leave the home through the walls and roof. All older homes where ever possible should be brought up to the same standard.

"This would mean that heating bills are reduced for everyone and less greenhouse gases are emitted both in the home and at power stations. This seems to be a no brainer but the government will not commit to such a policy as some of their funders are property developers and housebuilders who heavily lobby them as they obviously want to keep their costs to a minimum and their profits at as maximum.

"So these brave people who are in the news for blocking roads and motorways see that the climate crisis needs addressing now and the only way to bring attention to their cause is to bring it to everyone's attention, and unfortunately, the best way to do that is to cause a brief inconvenience to everyone which hopefully will bring long term benefits for everyone."