ONE of The Northern Cricket Leagues most respected scorers has retired from the profession.

Colin Robinson has been First Team scorer at Netherfield Cricket Club for 45 years.

Mr Robinson who started scoring for the Club during the 1960’s and 1970’s opted to take two years out before eventually returning after being asked to help out by the Club Secretary.

From being asked to help, Colin remained at the Club during his second spell for 45 years scoring for all teams at the Club home and away.


SPORT: Colin Robinson

SPORT: Colin Robinson


However, during the most recent season Mr Robinson decided to call it a day after he was struggling with his walking, while he had also stopped driving meaning that travelling to away games proved to be a huge challenge.

Colin who had been largely fit and well throughout began to run into some problems after suffering three mini strokes during 2016 and despite the health issues he continued to score in that season.

One of the longest serving scorers has a wealth of experience after scoring at Old Trafford as well as doing Cumbria under 14 games as well as scoring for The County when they played Kent.

Colins last official game was when Netherfield defeated Kendal in the local derby while he also helped out on T20 Finals Day where he did the scoreboard and joined in with the celebrations after the team retained the T20 following their victory over Morecambe in the Final.

However, Colin who will be returning to help out at the Club next season looked back at his scoring career and reflected on his main highlights:

“Nobody showed me how to score so I developed my own method which everyone seems to have been happy with.


LEGEND: Northern Cricket Leagues most respected scorers retires

LEGEND: Northern Cricket Leagues most respected scorers retires


"I started scoring for Kendal Grammar School which is now Kirkbie Kendal during the 1950’s and after a brief but unsuccessful spell playing Cricket for the Provincial scoring was my true profession.

"However, my involvement with Netherfield started after I was asked to help with the old score board when I went to the Club with the family, and I spent ten years during the 60s and 70s which was my first spell.

"After a few years out, I returned and ended up doing 45 seasons for all Teams.

"I developed my own method of scoring and it was one which worked and no one has had any complaints.

"I have to say returning to score was the best decision I have ever made and have loved every minute of it.

"Sadly, though I had to stop due to health, and the fact I had sold my car meaning going to away games proved to be difficult.

"However, despite the fact I have finished scoring I still intend to come to the club next season and help out whether that be controlling the scoreboard or for doing whatever the Club requires."