Our very own Remi celebrated his 7th birthday this week.

Remi was born here at Safari zoo on 11th October 2014, and has lived happily alongside his mum, Bonita, since.

It is just over two years since our wonderful Remi was diagnosed with Hemangieosarcoma, a very aggressive form of cancer which was diagnosed early thanks to our eagle eyed, caring keepers who noticed a fast growing, angry looking bump on Remi’s head.

You can read more about the actions taken, which resulted in Remis diagnosis here https://www.southlakessafarizoo.com/rudi-jaguar-sad-news/

Remi continues to fight on, and can usually be found irritating his mum Bonita in their enclosure - every day really is a blessing and his birthday is another reminder of just how well the big fella continues to do.

Elsewhere, as the temperatures begin to drop and the noticeable winter chill returns to the air, we are busy preparing for the Winter with something you guys may not think of when you think about the zoo - fuel.

For animals in captivity there are things called husbandry guidelines which tell us all sorts of things to make sure the animals have the best and most natural lives possible - this often includes an ideal temperature or temperature range for their houses to be kept at: so, this week we got a huge fuel delivery to make sure we are all prepared for when the temps drop further.