THREE fire engines and coastguard teams were called out to help free two people trapped in mud.

Just before noon on October 11, crews attended Arnside Point, Arnside, after being mobilised to reports of two persons stuck on the sands between Arnside and Jenny Brown's point.

Firefighters, along with the coastguard and Royal National Lifeboat Institution, used a rescue sledge, air path, air lance and coastguard sand lance to extricate and rescue one casualty from the mud.

And according to the fire service the other casualty self-rescued prior to the arrival of the fire service.

Crews were detained for two hours.

A spokesman from Morecambe Coastguard Rescue Team said: "The casualties were extracted out of the sands by a team of emergency personnel from Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, Morecambe Lifeboat and coastguard team members.

"Then handed over to North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust for a check over before heading back for a well deserved shower and cup of tea.

"The group were very well equipped and were able to give an accurate location to the emergency services. They had come across an isolated patch of very soft sand and mud."