KENDAL swimmer returned to the water as they entered the Aquasphere Lake Windermere Epic Swim.

Max Ainsworth, Emma Duxbury, Charlotte Stainer, Ruby Duxbury, and Eleanor King all performed well and went on to post some of their best times of the season.

Ainsworth was the first away in the one-mile category.

Picking up the pace he soon settled into his stroke pattern and put himself in a strong position. With good conditions and water temperatures at a comfortable level he was able to hold off all challenges during out going and set himself up for his main effort during the run in to the finish.

A great result for him as he was also competing in the Cumbria Open Water League which is run in conjunction with the Epic swims his efforts had brought him a 2nd place in the Boys 16/Over age group with a grand total of 83.59 points.

Then the 11/13yr olds took on the 500m category.

The four girls are rapidly becoming highly experienced in the open water and the tactics.

Emma Duxbury, fought to get in Cumbria’s top three made a fine start, finding her rhythm and making challenges to get into the leading group.

She claimed the 6th place spot with a time of 7.19.

She found that this was enough to take her into 3rd place in the Cumbria League with 86.07 points.

Stainer also set out to put in a fine performance and from the start she made repeated attacks and crossed the finish line in 7.41 and an 8th place overall. This left her just outside the medal positions in 4th place with 82.06 points in the Cumbria League.

Ruby Duxbury and Eleanor King were full of confidence from their previous experiences took up the pace and steadily worked their way forward whilst holding off challengers and preserving their energies for the finishing run.

They both then began to wind it up and Duxbury hit the line with a time of 9.13 and snatched 16th place. King followed close behind and with a resounding flourish drove her way into 19th place in a superb time of 10.36.

In the Cumbria League Duxbury emerged in 7th place with a total of 68.37 points and King took 8th place with a total of 59.44 points awarded.