VIDEOS have circulated online of members of the public dragging Insulate Britain activists out of the road during their demonstrations.

The activist group has taken part in numerous motorway and road protests over the last four weeks to demand the government make a commitment to insulate homes across Britain.

However, the group has been heavily criticised for its actions and videos have circulated on social media of drivers forcibly removing people who sit in the way of their cars.

Insulate Britain activist and Kendal resident Gwen Harrison said: "After today's action Insulate Britain has paused its activities for a week or so to allow the government to respond.

"If they don’t, we'll get back in the road.

"Drivers dragging us out of the road has happened to people in our group and we've also had lorry drivers moving towards us and only stopping inches away while we've been sitting in the road.

"We're a strictly non-violent movement so we don't retaliate and we remain non-violent in the face of violence from the public and police."