A SUCCESSFUL ice-cream company is expanding into Barrow.

The Handmade Ice Cream Company have made a name for themselves at their parlour at Crakeside Business Park in Greenodd.

But now they have scooped up an opportunity to take a new location on at Enterprise Business Park off Ironworks Road.

With plans to have a 'whacky theme' and a 'transformational experience' upon entering, this new venue for the business will be 'more than just a parlour', promises boss Steven Darvill.

Their delicious product - all made in house - is what has brought them popularity with Barrovians.

And now they want to repay that loyalty in their new location.

EXPANSION: The Handmade Ice Cream Company

EXPANSION: The Handmade Ice Cream Company

Mr Darvill, a former pastry chef who set up the Handmade Ice Cream Company, said: "Obviously we are going to continue what we are doing with ice cream but then we plan on introducing street food and have a licensed bar as well further down the line.

"It will be called Secret Garden and we plan to make it much more than just a parlour.

"It is a blank unit at the moment but we are bringing in builders now and hopefully it will be ready by the end of October to mid-November."

The site will feature some of the quirky styles they are known for in Greenodd but on a larger scale.

Indoor seating is key for the winter months and Mr Darvill is hoping to bring something new to the area which can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Going to a business park is something that has brought success for them in Greenodd and he is hoping that this will continue in Barrow.

"I think places in the town centre are great, but you are also restricted there with what you can do in terms of unit space and parking," he said.

"You see a lot of businesses setting up in industrial units now. I think it is a good thing.

"We are also looking for new staff members as well, managers, supervisors, people with cafe experience."

The Handmade Ice Cream Company is looking for five or six new staff members to help drive this new venture forward and bring a new flavour to Barrow.