INSULATE Britain have again come under criticism for their actions before pledging not to hold any more protests for the next 11 days.

The activist group has taken part in numerous motorway and road protests over the last four weeks to demand the government make a commitment to insulate homes across Britain.

However, the group has been heavily criticised for its actions and videos have circulated on social media of drivers forcibly removing people who sit in the way of their cars.

Reve said: "Well done, the members of the public dragging them off the road.

"You have to question the judgement of anyone who'd join Insulate Britain when their spokesman, when asked why he'd failed to insulate his own £360,000 London flat replied: 'Because I'm a hypocrite'.

"After being challenged on comments he made in which he claimed climate change would result in 'millions of people losing their lives through slaughter and starvation', a deadpan Norton said: 'I know, I'm terrible aren't I?'

Grumpyoldbiker said: "The police have allowed themselves to look very weak and ineffectual. In case they have forgotten their job is to ensure people can go about their lawful business in a safe manner upholding the rule of law. By allowing the public highway to be blocked does it not constitute a dereliction of duty?"

Andrew Ducksbury said: "If they were that concerned about the people dying in poorly insulated houses and from fuel poverty - they'd be campaigning, raising funds and using those funds to fix all those poorly insulated homes, which would be a noble action - they don't though, not even their own homes or lives!"

Adam Edwards said: "Actually, when walking in front of a moving car not knowing what the outcome is likely to be. Frankly, it's violent as your actions could cause injury both physically, emotionally and financially."

John Williams said: "These protestors are putting the the planet first and getting educated people to think about the future of the environment."