AN AWARD-winning photographer has shared his frustration after he discovered a table with the remnants of a romantic meal for two seemingly 'abandoned' in a wood.

Ashley Cooper, from Ambleside, was on a walk through woodland near Blea Tarn when he came across the extraordinary set up.

His photographs of the table and chairs, champagne, left over cake and tea set have now gone viral, causing huge anger among Cumbrians at the extravagant dining arrangement being left behind.

“There was this bizarre scene that you’d expect in a restaurant,” he said.

“Two nice chairs, tablecloth and what looked like the remains of a romantic meal for two.

“There was champagne still in the glasses, pieces of chocolate cake.

“It looked like someone had gone to a lot of trouble for a romantic meal for their partner. My initial impression was is it an art installation but I don’t think if it was an art installation you’d have what looked like the remains of someone’s meal.”

The Westmorland Gazette: REMAINS: Champagne and cake was left behind in woodland  Picture: Ashley Cooper

This is not the first time the photographer has found unusual items left in the Lakes.

“I’m tempted to say I was shocked but to be honest after what I’ve seen this year I’m not,” he said.

“Since Covid the type of visitors to the Lake District has changed significantly and there are some people who don’t know how to treat the environment.

“I’ve cleaned up after people when they’ve wild camped, they’ve bought an expensive tent, used it one night and then just left it.

“I’ve cleared up sleeping bags, stoves, expensive blow-up kayaks that have been abandoned by the lake.

“There’s people with a lot of money but not a lot of sense who can afford to buy these things, use them once and then leave them for someone else to clean up.”

National Pak rangers attended the site after Mr Cooper reported his findings, but the items had mysteriously disappeared.

“The pictures have been spread very widely so someone could have thought those are some nice chairs or it could be that whoever set it up thought this is a bit embarrassing and gone to clear it up," he said.

“But it appears not to be there any longer.”