CUMBRIA County Council are looking for a new investigating officer for complaints. 

The position of Investigating Officer / Independent Person Role, is being advertised by the council. 

Cumbria County Council is looking to increase its pool of Independent Investigating Officers whose role is to review the handling of complaints in accordance with Children’s Act 1989 legislation.

Due to the requirement for Investigating Officers to be independent the post holder should not be an elected member or a current employee of the local authority.

The role requires a comprehensive open transparent and fair consideration of complaints through:

  • Sensitive and thorough interviewing of the complainant;
  • Consideration of social work records and other relevant information;
  • Interviewing of staff and other people relevant to the complaint and analysing information;
  • Preparation of reports of the investigation in plain language;
  • Effective liaison with the complainant or his advocate
  • Attendance at Stage 3 Review Panels if required in order to give evidence to Panel Members.