A KENDAL shop selling original posters from the glory days of Oasis and The Verve is set for a considerable expansion as it moves into a new home.

The Microdot Boutique will be ten times bigger at Shap Road Industrial Estate than it was when it first opened in New Shambles in 2019.

Brian Cannon, 55, whose catalogue of work includes designing the iconic cover of Oasis' 1994 album Definitely Maybe, outlined the reasons for the business's success during lockdown - a time that was generally difficult for retail.

"A lot of guys were building their own bars and 'man caves'," said Mr Cannon.

"We basically became the furnisher to the working man."

The shop has also been helped by a boosted social media presence - supported by a visit from former Oasis guitarist Bonehead - and the continued draw of its specialist products.

"A lot of high street shops are struggling because people just buy the same stuff online, cheaper," said Mr Cannon.

"What we sell is unique."

The new shop, at number 16 on the industrial estate, will be filled with even more of the prints, '90s promotional posters and items of clothing that made the boutique a popular fixture during its time in Kendal town centre.

It will incorporate an on-site studio, and the plan is that newly hired staff will enable Mr Cannon to spend more time working on the creative side of the business.

Mr Cannon, who runs Microdot with partner Jill Hodgson, 60, said an exact date for the opening of the new store had not been fixed yet - although it is expected to be early November. The New Shambles shop ceased trading at the weekend.

"The whole thing with Microdot and the way we work is it's more than a job," said Mr Cannon.

"It's more than just a business.

"It's literally a lifestyle.

"It's what we live for really, and the working environment is key to that."

Mr Cannon, who is originally from Wigan, described first meeting Oasis' Noel Gallagher in Manchester when Gallagher was working as a roadie for rock band Inspiral Carpets. The pair struck up a conversation in a lift, with Gallagher saying he liked work Mr Cannon had done for The Verve. The guitarist said he wanted Mr Cannon to work with Oasis 'when we get signed'.