THE owners of a Kendal pub wish to thank the anonymous person who returned two stolen items back to them.

Chris Moss and Joshua Macauley, who own and operate The Duke of Cumberland pub, located on Appleby Road, and the Ye Olde Fleece Inn located on Highgate, posted an appeal on social media after a Dell Laptop and a brown leather suitcase was stolen from a vehicle that was parked on Longlands View.

The items were stolen on October 18.

The incident occurred at night between Sunday night and Monday morning.

The owners described to the loss as very ‘disheartening’ but on the evening of October 20, after their online appeal had been seen by more 4000 people, they were contacted by Cumbria Police to say their belongings have been returned to the station in Kendal.

Chris said: “We were amazed by its return and it does really go to show the power of social media.

“It is amazing that it turned up and was given back anonymously that night.

“We only found out yesterday that it had been given back and it shows great community spirit during these challenging times.

“It shows that great things happen in Kendal.

“We would like to say a big thank you to whoever returned or found them. We all make mistakes in life and we presume whoever took it realised what was on it and handed it back in.

“We would really like to know who they are. We would love to offer them a meal if they make themselves known to the police, or whoever found and returned them we would very much like to meet them.”