A WORD artist was inspired by badgers and squirrels as he visited the Lake District for a much-loved nature programme.

London based Isi the Scribe travelled to Haweswater hoping to get a glimpse of the mammals for an episode of BBC’s Autumnwatch.

The wordsmith recited a piece inspired by the area as he walked through woodland before settling down in a hide, where he waited in anticipation for a badger sighting.

The Westmorland Gazette: VISITNG: Isi the Scribe visited Haweswater for Autumnwatch

“There were a couple of reasons I wanted to come to the Lake District,” he said.

“There’s lots of water and I am a bit of a water baby, whether it’s still or whether it’s flowing it has a calming effect on me.

“My second reason is it has one of my favourite British animals and that is the red squirrel, and I am hoping I can catch a glimpse of that little red rodent.

“I’m a city boy born and bred so being out here is pretty much the polar opposite of where I currently live.”

His patience was rewarded when a lone female badger appeared on the hunt for grubs.

The Westmorland Gazette: SIGHTING: A Haweswater badger

“This is supper special,” said Isi.

“It feels really special to see such a mysterious, very mystical looking animal just doing its thing.

“I feel very blessed.”

Isi then continued to a new hide where he hoped he would see his favourite animal, the squirrel.

The Westmorland Gazette: WATCHING: Isi on the lookout for a red squirrel

“The absolute highlight would be to see a wild red squirrel,” he said.

“To see several wild squirrels I would lose my mind.”

Scanning the trees Isi became more and more impatient but soon spotted the rare animal and exclaimed excitedly at the sighting.

The Westmorland Gazette: EXCITING: A red squirrel makes an appearance

“He’s in a tree,” he said.

“A flash of red and twitching tail.”

Watching mesmerised through binoculars as the squirrel darted from tree to tree Isi said: “Wow that’s my first glimpse of a wild red squirrel.

“This is the OG British squirrel.

“It’s like I saw a wood elf or a sprite.”