KENDAL Rugby club has the potential to reach the finals of the Cumbria Cup without playing another game.

The squad was set to face Keswick on Saturday in the Cumbria competition but have since withdrawn from the contest.

Keswick cited injuries and unavailability as the reasons behind their sudden departure.

However, this has left Saturday as a match free zone for Kendal this weekend.

Saturday's match was due to take place at Mint Bridge but has been cancelled.

Despite this, Kendal's Senior U18 Colts will be hosting Blackburn on Sunday with kick-off scheduled at 1pm.

Club chairman Stephen Green said: "It is a shame this has happened but it is what it is.

"For Keswick that is two in a row

"They have withdrawn from the Cumbria Cup for what they say as 'un-availability' and injuries.

"It seemed to be a combination of things that have left them unable to continue.

"There were only four teams remaining in the cup and now its reduced to three.

"All that is left is ourselves, Penrith and Aspatria.

"We don't know who we will be playing against next weekend but we will find out hopefully on Saturday.

"It depends on who wins the next game.

"The good news is we might be in the final without playing a game.

"It's just one of those things. We look forward to whatever comes next and we'll be ready."

In the 140-year history of the Cumbria Cup, Aspatria has had the most successful history with 31 wins.

Penrith has won eight times and Keswick’s six wins all came in the nine years immediately after the Second World War.

Kendal's has won five times and all have been in the last 30 years.

This year Carlisle, Cockermouth, Wigton and Kirkby Lonsdale declined an invitation for the contest.

The draw for the semi-finals will be played on November 6.