PUPILS from Ambleside Primary School have shown their passion for climate change by creating a rap video that has been shared by the South Lakes MP.

Students from Ambleside wrote their own rap song promoting ideas and topics around climate change, inspired by COP26.

Megan Rimmer, teacher for the Year 5/6 classes, described how proud she was at the enthusiasm and dedication the children showed for the subject.

The video of the pupil’s rap was shared on Facebook by MP Tim Farron.

She said: “In class we have been learning a lot about climate change and with COP26 it is a very current topic for the students.

“The kids were all very engaged and passionate about it.

“We did the song to the tune of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, it’s one of our songs in our music classes so they were familiar with it.

“We contacted Tim Farron about it and he was kind enough to share it on his platform which means a lot.

“We learned a lot about mountains and climate change, and with COP26 they became very passionate about doing their bit for the planet and spreading the message around climate change.

“We filmed the video in the park beside our school and the emphasis the point it was flooded during half term which really hammered home the message this is a climate emergency.

“The kids wrote the song themselves and even did an assembly on it for their parents.”