BBC presenter Simon Reeve has explored Barrow and the Lake District in his new series, ‘The Lakes with Simon Reeve’.

The two-part series will see the 49-year-old adventurer visit Barrow to see nuclear submarines and spoke to Women's Community Matters.

"The Lake District, this one of the most romantically beautiful regions in the entire country, it is spectacular here," Reeve opened.

"I am going to be exploring the county of Cumbria from its wild coast to its soaring peaks, and of course, its iconic lakes."

He started his journey in the Lake District speaking to environmentalists that are looking at ways of maintaining the landscape before heading down the A590 to Barrow.

OVERVIEW: Barrow features on The Lakes with Simon Reeve

OVERVIEW: Barrow features on 'The Lakes with Simon Reeve'

After driving through Vengeance Street, Mikasa Street, and Juno Street - all named after warships made in the area, Reeve visited BAE Systems.

"Look at a map and you might be forgiven for thinking Barrow is a bit cut off," he said.

"Locals joke they live at the end of the world's longest cul-de-sac, but actually Barrow is at the vanguard of the nation’s defences."

Looking at HMS Anson, he described the nuclear submarine as "a cross between a spaceship and a dolphin".

He was told of all the man hours that went into the sub and its top of the range systems, which would "not leave much change" from £1.2 billion.

BAE: Simon Reeve at Barrow shipyard

BAE: Simon Reeve at Barrow shipyard

"There is no doubt that Barrow depends on BAE, as more than 9000 people are employed here," Reeve said.

"There is proud sense of heritage here in Barrow, but most of the traditional industry jobs here are gone and many struggle with poverty and deprivation."

This led him to the Nan Tate Centre and Women's Community Matters where Rebecca Robson told him of their work helping the community.

WOMEN: Simon Reeve with WCMs Rebecca Robson

WOMEN: Simon Reeve with WCM's Rebecca Robson

Robson talked him through what they do in the "warehouse" of clothes, revealing they have given out a quarter of a million items in the last few years.

The charity representative labelled as "inspiring" by Reeve, spoke with emotion of the struggles women had during lockdown and saw a quadrupling in support.

Reeve was shocked by the requirement of 'flee bags' for women who are running for their lives at the risk of being killed.

He ended his trip to Barrow by joining a youth group charity Brathay Trust who went to Windermere to canoe and heard about how these activities helped them "expand their horizons and gifts confidence and self-esteem".

ACTIVITY: Simon Reeve with Barrow youth group on Windermere

ACTIVITY: Simon Reeve with Barrow youth group on Windermere