An innovative Kendal butcher has teamed up with an award-winning local brewery to craft a unique new fusion product - beer sausages.

Robert Unwin, owner of Roast Mutton butcher on Woolpack Yard, Kendal, developed the boozy bangers in partnership with Matt Clarke, of Cumbria's newest artisan brewery, The Lakes Brew Co, based on Mintsfeet Industrial Estate, Kendal.

Robert said: ""I am very excited to be able to offer our customers an outstanding product that is the result of a partnership between two local producers.

"We are really delighted to be working with the team at Lakes Brew Co and we think we’ve produced some fantastic tasting beer sausages.

"As you will hopefully discover beer does amazing things to meat, making it softer to eat and infuses it with lots of additional flavours, which all contributes to creating exceptional sausages, that taste great on their own or even with an accompanying pint.’’

Roberts's contribution to this special-edition meaty concoction is his locally-reared rare breed pork and specially selected seasonings, and this is marinated in The Lakes Brew Co's one-off brew, Lost In Nectron Double IPA to create the aptly-named Nectron sausage, so-called after the hop that flavours the beer.

Matt added: "We are really looking forward to working with Rob, his passion and ethos blend so well with our own. The knowledge and care he shows for what he produces is second to none. Our first beer pairing with Rob will be a fun, and we are looking forward to planning several more, after all what goes better with a beer than a sausage!’’

The latest offering in this new range is their beef sausage, flavoured with the Lakes Brew Co's Coffee Porter, one of the brewery's regular beers.

These are available to buy at Roast Mutton at 40 Woolpack Yard, Kendal for £9.99 a kilo

The first event was hosted by the duo yesterday evening, which was a sell-out, attracting 22 sausage and beer enthusiasts. They plan to organize more events together in the new year, which will be advertised on their respective social media platforms.