AS one who, waking from deep sleep feels certain that it must be morn but finds the tedious, dark night has yet some hours till break of dawn;

Just so must we, who long have hoped for respite, gird our loins again, and grit our teeth and try to smile; and trust that joy will follow pain.

Now Advent breaks into our gloom – calls us to open wide our mind to hopes we might have overlooked ‘midst Covid’s horrors.

Leave behind all works of darkness; and instead put on fresh clothing, shining bright with hope.  

For He will come again who came at first that Christmas night.

And in the meantime, still he comes

To all who, longing, look for him.

Our locked-down cells cannot keep out

The One who loves to enter in.

For he who came, and will return, still comes into your heart and mine with hope, and light; giving to us, his very self, in bread and wine.

So it begins – the season that is all about him, who commands the light to banish darkness, holds the universe in nail-pierced hands.

O Christ of Advent, light again within my heart hope’s living flame.

David Parsons

St Thomas’ Church