FIREFIGHTERS have issued a warning after they were called to a blaze which left significant damage to a home.

Two fire engines rushed to a property in Ulverston after a log store caught fire on Tuesday afternoon - and spread into the residents' home.

Fire crews from Ulverston were called out to Colt House Lane at 1pm to attend an incident involving a log store which caught fire and spread to the occupants' property.

Shane Parkinson, crew manager for Ulverston's Blue Watch, attended the incident which he believes 'could've been a lot worse'.

He said: "On Tuesday, we were called to what was a fire in the open which then spread to the exterior of the property, causing damage to the outside of the house.

"This was an accidental fire, in which dry combustible materials in the garden had caught fire and spread onto the logs.

"This resulted in damage to the property, including glass breaking in the window, due to the heat of the fire, and a burnt fence.

"The fire could've easily spread into the property and could've been a lot worse."

Mr Parkinson is warning home-owners of the dangers of keeping combustible materials close to their property.

He said: "Accidents like this do happen and we would like to warn people about storing combustible materials close to properties, including wheelie bins.

"Our advice is to place combustible materials far away from the properties to prevent them catching alight.

"People don't realise an ember from the chimney or a discarded cigarette can easily fall onto a combustible material and cause a fire.

"We're unsure of the cause of this particular fire but there could be a magnitude of reasons as to how it began.

"It could've easily spread into the inside of the property so we're glad we arrived in town to prevent any further damage."

Crews used breathing apparatus and hose reel jets to prevent the fire spreading internally.

No injuries were reported by residents in the property.

Firefighters were in attendance at the incident for an hour and 20 minutes.