SANTA has been gardening in Ford Park - and children will have the chance to meet him.

When Santa Got Stuck in the Garden at Ford Park, put together by Tiny Wild Fox and the Ford Park team, is an hour long trail and Santa experience taking place on December 4-5 and 11-12.

Entry times will be every 15 minutes from 11.30am-3pm.

Organisers of the event said: "Did you know Santa is a keen gardener? You didn’t? Well, he is! He spends all year growing all the fantastic ingredients needed to make the very special food which the Sleigh Team feed to his Reindeers on Christmas Eve!

"This food is really important as it makes sure the Reindeers have enough magic and strength to fly all the way around the world delivering presents to children in countries far and wide! This year, some of his gardening didn’t quite go to plan, and he’s missing one, vital, very important ingredient … can you help him find it within the Ford Park Garden?"

Tickets cost £6 per attendee, unless aged 3 and under who can attend for free.

Tickets can be bought by visiting: