THE DICKENSIAN Festival attracted huge crowds at the weekend amid rising fears of the new Covid variant.

There was plenty of people in their Dickens themed costumes getting involved with the spirit of the festival and perusing all the market stalls had to offer.

Not many were dissuaded by the cold weather as hundreds were wrapped up warm to content with the frosty weather and see what the variety of stalls were putting on show.

From gin to bespoke wooden chopping boards - the stalls had it all. One business owner came all the way from Chorley to set up her stall selling her all-natural sauces and jams.

Lee Thompson said: "Well, my friend went with my boyfriend and said it was an absolutely amazing day out.

"So a successful occasion."

Mike Braithwaite said: "Gutted I missed it this year."

Angus MeCoatup. said: "I went, but it wasn't what I expected, so I didn't stay. Really disappointed."

Funny me said: "Well done Ulverston for spreading virus we are trying to save xmas here."

Lara999 said: "I couldn't stay more than 10 minutes. It was so busy and folks were squashed together and virtually no one was wearing a mask. I made me feel panicked and I had to leave."

Arthur Branigan Jr. joked: "Looks like the worst of times, to me."

There were smiles all around with many shop owners dressing up - going the extra mile to put across the classic Dickens theme.

Ebenezer Scrooge could be seen roaming around alongside Alistair Fleming who was dressed up as a chimney sweep high up on stilts.

Deputy mayor Cllr Michelle Scrogham was spotted amongst the crowds taking part as were many other community figures - supporting the town's festival.