This easy walk follows footpaths over quiet meadows and explores a small hamlet and two pretty villages: Crosby Ravensworth and Maulds Meaburn, which means "Meadow Stream” in Old English.

The sparkling waters of Lyvennet Beck, which goes through both villages, look delightful at any time of the year. Crosby Ravensworth also has a splendid church and a welcome community-run pub.

VIEWS: Crosby Ravensworth village

VIEWS: Crosby Ravensworth village


1. Cross the beck that runs beside the road and follow the footpath from the ford and stepping stones.

Go through the farm yard and along a path that winds up the hill. Go through the metal farm gate ahead where the track bends left and walk diagonally across the field to the top left corner.

Climb over the series of stiles into next field and aim for the gate to the left of the house (Crake Trees).

Cross the small area to the gate opposite and walk up to the left of ruined farm buildings and a large tree to a wall stile.

Ascend ahead to the crest of the hill and then descend towards your right to two adjacent farm gates in front of farm buildings.

Go through the gate on the right, along the track to the left of the farm buildings and into the little hamlet of Wickerslack.

ROUTE: Crosby Ravensworth, Wickerslack and Maulds Meaburn walk

ROUTE: Crosby Ravensworth, Wickerslack and Maulds Meaburn walk

2. Turn right and walk along the lane passing houses on your left and farm buildings on your right.

Go through the gate next to a barn on the left and along the lane with a fence on your right.

Where the track bends left go straight ahead through a metal gate.

The path follows a wall on the right to another gate and then descends beside a conifer wood on your right. Go through the gate and walk to the bottom edge of the wood.

Leave the wood via a wooden gate, walk past the barn on the left and follow the stony track ahead down an open gentle slope and alongside a row of tall trees into woodland.

After the woodland track bends left take the waymarked footpath on your right to a wooden stile and cross the field to a pair of metal gates on either side of a bridge over Howe Beck.

Walk up the field on the other side bearing slightly right to a field gate then down across a small field to a gap stile adjoining a minor road.

ROUTE: Crosby Ravensworth, Wickerslack and Maulds Meaburn walk

ROUTE: Crosby Ravensworth, Wickerslack and Maulds Meaburn walk

3. Turn right then left (signed Appleby) to cross the bridge just before the sign for Maulds Meaburn,.

Turn right immediately after the bridge. The remainder of the walk follows Lyvennet Beck on its east side.

At the end of the village go to the left of the sandstone wall then right onto a track leading to Flass House.

At the house gates take the footpath beside the wall to the left of the gates leading to a tunnel under the driveway and onto open fields.

Continue along the side of the beck to pass Low Row on the left, through red gates and on to a road. Turn right over Monks Bridge and then left into Crosby Ravensworth.