WHAT do you want most of all this year for Christmas?

We have asked our readers what they want most of all to receive this year, and some of their wishes were heart-warming.

1) My Family's Wellbeing

Something many of us wish for every day, and a key part of all our Christmases.

Lee Thompson said: "For my little family unit to be safe and sound."

2) To become an Author

The dream of every writer is to see their work in print and maybe this coming year will see it done.

Ange O'Halloran said: "To get one of my books published."

3) Health

While lockdown has made many of us more concerned about our health, but next year we can work toward it free from restrictions.

Mary Procter said: "Good health."

4) My Two Front Teeth

Some of us just want the simple things brought to us on Christmas.

Paul Gibson said: "My two front teeth

5) Peace

After the year the world has been through, Christmas may remind us what we should all work toward despite our difference.

Peter Mogsy Morgan said: "Peace on earth."

6) The End of Covid

This Christmas many of us are hoping we can return to better times before the arrival of Covid.

Pat Shaw said: "End of Covid."

7) Health and happiness

A combination of two other wishes for the loved ones around us.

Sam Higham said: "A healthy happy family."

8) Freedom

The divine right of any human being that we all wish to hold onto to.

John Rennie said: "Freedom."

9) End to all disease

A wish we have all chased and maybe this year will see us return to safer times.

Stella Ryan said: "End to all bad diseases."

10) Safety of a loved one

We all worry for our loved ones and we wish everyone and their families a safe and memorable Christmas.

Barbara Wright said: "My granddaughter to be well after contacting Covid for the 2nd time 1 year to date from 1st time but she's poorly this time and yes Covid jabbed."