The Lake District National Park is the 8th most popular national park in the world on TikTok, according to research by travel experts at ParkSleepFly.

The study analysed the view counts of national parks around the world to reveal the most popular national parks on the TikTok.

The top 10 most popular national parks on TikTok across the world are:

Yellowstone National Park - 630,300,000 views

Denali National Park - 291,500,000 views

Yosemite National Park - 279,800,000 views

Grand Canyon National Park - 249,200,000 views

Göreme National Park, Turkey - 122,900,000 views

Joshua Tree National Park - 120,800,000 views

Glacier National Park - 115,000,000 views

Lake District National Park, UK - 105,900,000 views

Kruger National Park, South Africa - 98,700,000 views

Redwood National Park - 95,200,000 views