WHICH Cumbria night club or bar do you and your friends head to in the evening?

Here are some of the top-rated night clubs in Kendal, Windermere and Ulverston.

  • The Wheelhouse Nightclub

Windermere's popular water side club, located on Glebe Road, has been popular among local residents and tourists who regularly visit the town.

A drinking pub by day and a night club by evening, the Wheelhouse is also very popular for people who travel to Windermere specifically for the nights out.

Tracy Eskdale said: "A very good night at this night club we all come from Newcastle good night club."

  • The 3rd Floor - The Party Space at BAHA

Ash Street's popular bar also has an exciting space for clubbers, located in Bowness on Windermere.

The bar is well known for students and party goers, and the 3rd floor has grown popular with residents.

Popular for its variety of drinks, beers and cocktails, this is one to stop by next time you are in Windermere.

Gracie Philip said: "Love Baha, go there before every night out."

  • Smokies Retro Bar

Popular with fans of gin, beer & football, this Stricklandgate bar is well known for its karaoke nights and fun atmosphere.

Most online reviews the bar has collected are quick to praise the members of staff and their low prices.

James Maxwell said: "Absolute brilliant bar. Bar staff absolutely class, pool table and the music was superb, proper music played also, we one hundred percent will be back."

  • The Albion Social & Snooker Club

The Kendal club located in the Albion Buildings on Sandes Avenue, the social club has built a strong following of members from the community and a collection of positive reviews.

A great place to play pool and have a relaxing drink with friends.

Peter Jones said: "A very warm welcome especially for my guide dog. On first names with owner. Very good price for beer nice surrounding. Will be back regularly."

  • The Comedy Mill

Are you up for a laugh? Try this Ulverston comedy club located on Mill Street.

The popular comedy show is one of the most sought-after businesses for local residents, particularly groups and young people. With many local acts and recognisable figures in the comedy world appearing on stage, this is one to stop by when you are next in town.

Aidan James said: "Able to pop in any time for some comedy as they're always open."